Go from idea to launch in 30 days

You have a big idea.

You can’t wait to announce it to the world and get started selling. You just need to “figure out” your brand and set up a website.

This is where things get tough.

You don’t have a ton of money yet – you’re just getting started! Custom design is currently out of your budget. (So is rent.)

You’ve explored DIY options but the technology is a little intimidating and you aren’t sure where to start. You don’t know the difference between CSS and WTF, and frankly, you don’t want to.

And then there’s the content. What do you say? How do you write in a way that will connect to your customers?

You don’t have time for this.

You want to focus on running your business.

So you end up searching for help in Facebook groups, procrastinating with yet another online course, and feeling overwhelmed with where to begin.

We can help.

Your job is to know your business and your big idea.

Our job is to build you a platform on which to start making money.


Square One sites and workbooks

When you work with us, we do the heavy lifting around your brand development, content creation, and website launch.

You’ll tell us about your business, answer homework questions, and be available to chat at scheduled times.

We’ll take everything we’ve learned from you and filter it through our combined 40 years of experience to create your brand messaging and content and flow it all into a perfect-for-you website that will allow you to get your business started.

In short, we help you take your idea from zero to launch.



Four 30 min Skype calls between you and our team so you get the support, encouragement, and answers that move your idea forward.


We have a combined 40 years of experience in business, branding, design and technology. We have the formal educations and the hard won knowledge of what it takes to get a business off the ground and headed for success.


Square One workbooks are the core of our DIWY (Do It With You) process. We ask the sometimes tough questions that force you to get really clear on your business and ultimately walk away with confidence, clarity, and commitment.


Uncover who you are and what you stand for. Set the groundwork for a brand that is distinct, memorable, and the foundation for all your future marketing efforts.


Choice of visual theme that fits the qualities of your brand. (If you have your own colours or images, we can use them.)


All content written by us specifically for your website. No more stressing over finding the right words!


Square One website customized with your content and images. Square One websites live under your own domain name on a host of your choice. (If you don’t have a host, we can help you with that.)


We’ll connect your site to your social media platforms and integrate MailChimp for your mailing list.


Training on how to edit your website so you can update your prices without ever having to call a developer.



We want to immerse ourselves in your big idea, so we start with a kick-off call to give you the individualized attention you need. At the end of this call, you’ll get your Brand Workbook so we can get started defining your brand.


Your brand is the foundation for all your future marketing efforts so we want to make sure it’s a solid one. We’ll review your Brand Workbook on our second call, clarify what needs to be sharpened, and brainstorm any difficult parts. All information is recorded in your Brand Summary and used as the base for future decisions.


Creating the content for your website is one of the most difficult exercises for a lot of entrepreneurs. We’ll send you a Content Workbook so we can draw out all the information we need to create your content.


Now you sit back and relax while we write your content, and implement your visuals into a perfect-for-you starter site. We’ll present the site to you on our final call and then you’ll have 24 hours to submit any final tweaks. We’ll make any required adjustments and then launch your site.


Can I start right away?

When you sign up, you’ll be able to choose from several start times. Availability is dependent on how many other entrepreneurs like you have signed up for Square One.

How much one on one time will I get?

Four 30 minute Skype calls with our team scheduled throughout the 30 days.

What do you mean by branding? Do you mean my logo?

Branding is how your customers describe your business. It’s how your products and services are packaged, it’s how your employees feel at work, and it’s why people think of you when they think of a certain category. Your logo is part of your visual identity. While it’s important, it’s not as important as understanding who you are and what you want to be known for. Square One is focused on helping you build a foundation for your marketing and that starts with creating a strong brand strategy.

What about a logo?

If you have a logo, please provide it to us so we can incorporate it into your design. If you don’t have a logo, we will choose a typeface for it. Logo design is available as an add-on.

I have a vision for my design! Can I show you what I want and you can design it?

We don’t offer custom design with Square One. If you require a custom package, we would be happy to help you here.

What if I don't like the content you write?

The content we create is entirely driven by what you provide. Our copywriters will take the information in the Content Workbook and craft marketing copy specifically designed to reflect your brand. You will be able to edit anything you like once the site is launched. We’ll give you full access and teach you how to update it.

Can I use Squarespace, Wix or Weebly?

No. We offer sites created specifically for Square One. Our sites are built on WordPress.

My business is a side gig. What if I need more time to complete the homework?

We like to complete everything on a 30 day schedule because we find it helps entrepreneurs remain focused and not get distracted by all the tasks of running a business. However, we don’t want to add to your stress so if 30 days is super unachievable, contact us to discuss options.

What if I change my mind? Will I get a refund?

You have until 48 hours before your start date to request a refund. After the process begins, we are unable to offer refunds due to the condensed timeline of the program.


Linsey Valeriote

Stephanie Hayes, MBA

Fight or Flight School

With a passion for small business, Stephanie works with entrepreneurs as a mentor and COO, helping startups become operational and providing hands-on support for small businesses who are ready to mature. Her preference is to work as one of the team, showing business owners how to get from idea to operational, or from “I’m stuck” to “I’m flourishing”.

Stephanie is the owner of multiple startups, all of which are still growing. Using her experience building and operating small businesses, she has developed insight and clarity on business model development, customer segmentation and value proposition design. She has adapted widely-used frameworks to make the startup validation processes easy, accessible and relevant to founders and small business owners.

Linsey Valeriote

Linsey Valeriote, BFA

LV Creative

Linsey Valeriote is a creative director and brand strategist, committed to helping entrepreneurs and small businesses gain clarity by focusing on strategies before tactics. Many years working with entrepreneurs has highlighted how difficult it is for business owners to “see the forest for the trees”. Linsey has developed systems to help entrepreneurs uncover their brand foundations, allowing them to move forward into creative work with confidence.

Beginning her career as a designer, she has spent the past twenty years working in branding, marketing, user experience/user interface design, and creative strategy. In that time, she has helped organizations ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies on projects such as online businesses, software user interfaces, and video games.

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